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aSQUIRING for greatness

In the tale of Don Quixote there is a part in the book where Don Quixote recognizes that he needs assistance in his effort to gain fame and fortune in his adventures. People always need help no matter how independent somebody may be. When working on anything that makes a huge difference in the world […]

Copyright, Friend or Foe?

Copyright laws tend to have a bad name in the present time. They are can be restrictive and honestly just plain frustrating. People can argue copyright infringement on just about anything if they can prove it was their idea first. Furthermore when copyright laws are accidentally violated it can cause big problems for the people […]

Fair Use and Creative Commons

I am not going to go into whether or not America’s copyright law is too strict or not, because I would rather avoid the dispute. However, I think we can all agree that it is a little unclear on what we can and can’t do, especially regarding the “fair use” exception. Basically, the idea of […]

Original Work

As we know, Quixote is anything but original. He acts upon what he has read and not himself. We can see this throughout the story. For example, Quixote living in the world  that he does, doesn’t see what the world really is. He sees it how it would be in the book. With that being […]

Don Quixote – Original or Translation?

Don Quixote – Original or Translation?

This week’s post is about our readings on chapters 7 through 9 and plagiariam, copyrights and Creative commons. On our class on monday we were involved in a discussion about copyrights, the copyright law the the US and how publishers, writers and other researchers react to them. With the today’s laws of copyrights, an author’s […]

Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3

  This week we focused on the topic “ The Library of the Future: the Future of Libraries”. We talked about how today’s libraries, like the UMW Library, offer online platforms to help researchers and students with their research, how the concept of digital library has been growing the past decade and the physical library […]