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Can Facebook be used as a book?

In this final chapter of section one of the novel Don Quixote, Quixote gets into two final fights. The fight is with a goatherder in a bar, this is interrupted by the sound of a trumpet and the introduction of a group of monks carrying a holy image, Quixote imagines this to be an abducted […]

The Anticipated Ending of Part 1

I have to say I found chapter 52 of Don Quijote rather entertaining. In this chapter, Don Quijote decides to fight a goatherd for insulting him and a group of people who were carrying a statue of Mary because he thought the statue was a kidnapped woman. Don Quijote proceeds to try to fight the […]

Social Quixote

In chapter 52, An important part to me was how Quixote being the foolish man he is, mistook a statue of Virgin Mary. An inanimate object, for a captured lady. The difference between a statue and a human is, the actions the human would have made, the statue wouldn’t. The women would have moved or […]

Don Quixote and Social Networking

Don Quixote and Social Networking

This week’s Don Quixote reading covered the end of Volume One, and of the Second Sally of Don Quixote. The chapter begins in an inn, with a confrontation erupting between Don Quixote and a goatherd who questioned him on his being a knight-errant. As they fight everyone in the inn has a good laugh at […]