Journey With the Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha and his fearless followers at University of Mary Washington

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Post 10: The infinity of Trickery

Post 10: The infinity of Trickery

Enough is enough. The foul trickery that fulfills one’s pleasure has been too long of a stretch conducted by both the Duke and Duchess. Their games of humiliation and annoyance have been a habit that brought in others, Altisidora in particular, to participate in the schemes of the royalty. ‘ As he passed through an adjoining […]

Lost in La Mancha: Unsuccessful Quij...

Lost in La Mancha:  Unsuccessful Quijotism

  Based on the documentary film that we witnessed, it gave plenty of insight of the amount of progress the aborted film was making. The temporary setup was a stellar idea of reinstating the classical Spanish literature but it did not result in a golden film.  The budget for film-making was extremely low, indicating that the […]

Blog Post 5: The Don’s struggl...

Blog Post 5:  The Don’s struggle

Don Quijote allows his mind to be corrupted with hoaxes. From managing to create a new ideological life, involving chivalry and knight-errantry, he forms a habit in gaining ill-advised truth while lacking clarity of reality. As long as the priests, barber and Dorotea’s word are accurately aligned with his subjective reality, he would not deny […]