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The Death of a Hero

The Death of a Hero Don Quixote dedicated himself to chivalry, and he embarked on many adventures that he suffered consequences for. Don Quixote, to me, died as a hero. Although I don’t think Don Quixote should have ended like this, I understand that it was the best decision. Miguel De Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote was about a crazy man […]

The Panzas

The Panzas Sancho has always been such a lovable character. I have always thought of him as a gullible, fat, little kid throughout this novel because Sancho has always seemed so innocent. Sancho has proven to be a loyal squire to Don Quixote. After all the time Sancho spent with Don Quixote, Sancho definitely learned to […]

Same old Don Quixote

Same old Don Quixote Throughout this second part of the novel, Don Quixote seems like a new person. He speaks rationally and isn’t as problematic as he was in the first part of the novel. Even though he seems new, he’s the same, old, mad man he’s always been on the inside. Don Quixote is  hypocritical with his […]

A New Man

A New Man Throughout the first part of the novel, I really wanted Don Quixote to grow up and act like an adult. He was always putting himself in dangerous situations and getting hurt, but maybe if he won his battles more often than he had lost them I wouldn’t have wished that. Don Quixote, in part […]

On the Road Again

On the Road Again–a-superb-and-very-pure-.html Fifteen years after Don Quixote returns home and puts down the ole rusty, dusty sword, he’s finally back at it. At this point in actual time a new author has written a fake second part to Don Quixote’s story, which Cervantes acknowledges in his real second part to Don Quixote de La Mancha. Everyone […]

Men as Delusional as Don Quixote

Men as Delusional as Don Quixote Men in Don Quixote are entitled and just as insane as Don Quixote. Not every man we’ve met throughout the first part – some are good guys like Cardenio. Most of the love stories in the novel, though, have to do with both delusional men and women. We have for example, Don Quixote, Ferdinand, and Chrysostom. […]

Pointless Loyalty

Pointless Loyalty Loyalty is a big theme throughout Don Quixote. Sancho is loyal to Don Quixote, Don Quixote is loyal to Dulcinea, and Dorothea is loyal to Ferdinand. All of these examples of loyalty, though, have some kind of lie or deception buried in them. Sancho Panza started his journey off with Don Quixote because of […]

A flat, Unchanging Character

A flat, Unchanging Character Don Quixote, throughout the course of this novel so far, has not proven to be a changing, dynamic character. Yes, he’s out for adventure and to kill, which would seem to make him this interesting character that is going to learn from all these mistakes he’s made, but that is not what we’ve […]