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Don Quixote as a Leader

In these chapters we finally get to see Sancho as a governor. Once again we see more tricks played on Sancho and Quixote. We also watched a movie about the lessons Don Quixote brought about leadership. Don Quixotes Lessons for Leadership Many may argue that Quixote was never a leader but only a mere fool. […]

Don Quixote’s Excuses

Don Quixote’s Excuses

Don Quixote’s unstable mind makes him believe that he is constantly having to do chivalrous acts, however, these acts usually cause more harm than intended and don Quixote continuously deflects and never takes responsibility for the consequences his actions have caused. Don Quixote, Sancho, and Rocinante are beaten up. Rocinante decides to try be with […]


In the third part of volume one there was a lot of fighting from slaying sheep to getting beaten up in an inn. There was a lot of conflict throughout the chapters and it seems as though Quixote kept finding himself in trouble. Rocinante and the Mares The first event that got him in trouble […]

Don Quixote: the Reality in the Chara...

Don Quixote: the Reality in the Characters

While on his adventure don Quixote has encountered a number of people, and continues to do so, however, each person serves, in some way, to present the reality in the story that don Quixote fails to see himself. These pieces of reality serve to mock the fairy tales of Cervantes time because those stories are […]