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A Siren’s Unwanted Enchantment

A Siren’s Unwanted Enchantment

It was against her will, but Marcela became a real life siren. She did not want the attention that she was given, nor did she wish for anyone to succumb to death as a result. However, it still unfortunately happened. Marcela’s beauty was able to attract a lot of attention from the males that surrounded […]

Benjamin’s blog 2: What does Do...

Benjamin’s blog 2: What does Don Quixote want?

“Everybody’s looking for something.” –  Sweet Dreams, Eurythimics. But what does Don Quixote want? Fame, money, beauteous ladies? Don Quixote has a very different motivation from the average person. Then again, Don Quixote is not your average knight in any category: he’s living two hundred years after the time of knights and chivalry, he’s way […]