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The End Of Quixote As We Know It

The End Of Quixote As We Know It

DQ’s Death These last few chapters marked the end of the book Don Quixote. It ended quite unexpectedly with Don Quixote dying after getting sick. The ending of the book to me was honestly a big disappointment. I really enjoyed the book itself, but it just seemed like the ending was very anticlimactic. I always pictured Don […]


This is it. The end is here. After his many adventures of fighting windmills and legions of sheep, his heroic journey through innumerable encounters with ‘wizards’ and others wishing to enchant him, his travels are over. He made many friends and enemies along his path, but of them all, we shall remember his faithful associate […]

Sancho’s development

Sancho’s development

In the last part of Don Quixote, Cervantes demonstrates Sancho’s leadership. The Duke and Duchess give Sancho a isle to run as governor, all as elaborate prank. They put Sancho to the test by having Sancho deal with problems in the city. Sancho’s perspective is key in this part of the book, and in life. […]

Stefan Wolfe Leadership In Don Quixote                In Don Quixote, Sancho has been given a special title as governor of his own city. Sancho does a great job, given that he has been Quixote’s half-witted sidekick is previous adventures. I believe the main reason Sancho has been doing such a good job is because he […]

Don Quixote’s New Heroic Qualit...

Don Quixote’s New Heroic Qualities

Stefan Wolfe Don Quixote And New Heroic Qualities                In part 2 of Don Quixote, we discussed the Quixote is experiencing a different persona almost, and instead of foolish qualities, he now possesses more heroic qualities. In the first part, Quixote would make up excuses such as “he was enchanted” or something along those lines. […]

Not Crazy just Misunderstood

Not Crazy just Misunderstood

Now that Volume one of Don Quixote is coming to an end that means Volume two is right  around the corner. Volume One gave us great incite to how Don Quixote carries himself, and surpirsingly enough after seeing Quixote as a crazy man, i am finally realizing that Quixote is just like me, someone who […]

The End of Volume One – Not the...

The End of Volume One – Not the End of the Adventure

The final portion of Volume One of Don Quixote further showcases the never-ending ego of our favorite knight-errant. As we delve deeper into the book, exploring more of the interconnected vignettes of Quixote’s adventures, we see variations on a theme in which a new character with a rather convoluted backstory and love life is introduced, […]