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Sancho FanPost

Sancho FanPost

Oxford dictionary defines leadership as, “The action of leading a group of people or an organization.” The key word that stands out to me in this definition is ACTION. Leaders are distinguished by the actions that they perform throughout their stay in power. Whatever those actions may be, negative or positive, they are what will […]

Don Quixote and Sancho’s incomp...

Don Quixote and Sancho’s incompetence

Throughout the last chapters we had to read and even before that, I noticed how incompetent Don Quixote and Sancho really were. There are almost two many instances to mention that provide great examples of this and support my claim. Even though Don Quixote and Sancho were not the smartest to begin with, the introduction […]

The Duke and the Duchess’s Tric...

The Duke and the Duchess’s Trickery

Throughout the readings for this week, one of the main topics raised in class was the fact that the Duke and the Duchess kept tricking and making fun of Don Quixote and Sancho. There were many instantness in the readings where Don Quixote and Sancho would be left in an unfortuanate circumstance while the Duke […]

Sancho and DQ as Amusing Idiots

After being welcomed into the Duke and Duchess’s castle, don Quixote makes no secret of the fact that he is embarrassed by Sancho Panza’s behavior and social status. Without realizing that he too is a source of amusement for the Duke and Duchess, don Quixote repeatedly insults the intelligence and class of his loyal squire. […]

Is Don Quixote Part A Mean Man

Is Don Quixote Part A Mean Man

As I have continued to read part two of Don Quixote de La Mancha, I have begun to see some new character traits in Don Quixote that I am not so sure I like at all. Yes, we all know that his character is somewhat crazy, but does that atone for his sometimes quite horrible […]

A New Man

A New Man Throughout the first part of the novel, I really wanted Don Quixote to grow up and act like an adult. He was always putting himself in dangerous situations and getting hurt, but maybe if he won his battles more often than he had lost them I wouldn’t have wished that. Don Quixote, in part […]

New King of the Jungle?

New King of the Jungle?

Don Quixote faces many challenges throughout his adventures, which often result in humiliation coupled with a physical and mental anguish for the knight-errant. In chapter seventeen, Don Quixote challenges the king of the jungle. He survives the would-be confrontation unscathed. Is this a true victory for the hero, or did the king of the jungle […]