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Don Quixote’s Soft Side and San...

Don Quixote’s Soft Side and Sancho’s Refusal

In chapters thirty-six through forty-five of volume two in Don Quixote, there have been a couple of scenes that have caught my attention. The first scene being Don Quixote giving actual sane and helpful advice to Sancho Panza. The second scene involved Sancho’s refusal to be labeled a Don by those he would govern. For […]

Don Quixote and Sancho’s incomp...

Don Quixote and Sancho’s incompetence

Throughout the last chapters we had to read and even before that, I noticed how incompetent Don Quixote and Sancho really were. There are almost two many instances to mention that provide great examples of this and support my claim. Even though Don Quixote and Sancho were not the smartest to begin with, the introduction […]

Benjamin’s blog post 9: Lost in...

Benjamin’s blog post 9: Lost in la Mancha

Sancho is seen as two different men in two different volumes in Don Quixote, however, Don Quixote also changes a lot in the two volumes. Volume one Don Quixote causes most of the problems while second volume Don Quixote receives them, and this understanding of the seemingly different men will help us learn more about […]

Sancho’s Wish Comes True

Sancho’s Wish Comes True

In the recent chapters of Don Quixote, Sancho has finally obtained the long sought after governorship. Don Quixote was not the one to give it to him, however. He was gifted it from the duke and duchess, who wanted to see what would happen. They figured it would be amusing to watch Sancho’s governorship go […]

Symbolism and Changing Characters

Symbolism and Changing Characters

I found this week very interesting in both character changes and symbolism. This blog post will attempt to explain the connection between Homer’s trojan horse in the Iliad and the horse that Don Quixote and Sancho Panza ‘ride on the their quest’, as well as examine the change in Don Quixote and Sancho’s characters’ development. […]

Overlooking the Obvious

Overlooking the Obvious

There have been instances, rather many and varied, where don Quixote should have, in my own opinion, been able to pick up that what’s happening around him is a ruse. A farce set up by the duke and duchess to have their fun. One such occasion being when don Quixote drew a parallel between Clavileno […]

The Foolish Upperclass

The Foolish Upperclass

This week in class our FSEM created GIF’s to describe a characters point-of-view from the story. My GIF was of the Duke and Duchess, and their point of view of Don Quixote and Sancho. My blog post for this week is to discuss why Cervantes included these characters in the story. I believe the Duke […]

Same old Don Quixote

Same old Don Quixote Throughout this second part of the novel, Don Quixote seems like a new person. He speaks rationally and isn’t as problematic as he was in the first part of the novel. Even though he seems new, he’s the same, old, mad man he’s always been on the inside. Don Quixote is  hypocritical with his […]

The Duke and the Duchess’s Tric...

The Duke and the Duchess’s Trickery

Throughout the readings for this week, one of the main topics raised in class was the fact that the Duke and the Duchess kept tricking and making fun of Don Quixote and Sancho. There were many instantness in the readings where Don Quixote and Sancho would be left in an unfortuanate circumstance while the Duke […]