DQ on Facebook Digital Don Quixote Project by Wendy, Heather, Alexis, Juice: This group created profiles for the main characters of Don Quixote: DQ, Sancho, Cide Hamete de Benengeli and Miguel de Cervantes. They tried to show through their fictional interactions some of the major themes and interactions in the novel.

Don Quixote FB

La Mancha Times by Maya, Kenny, Trevor, Taylor and Shadesha: This group created a digital newspaper to represent the various stories contained in Don Quixote. Included in the page are comics, advertisements, a “Wanted” poster, interviews, and advice columns, and various news stories taken from the novel.

La Mancha Times


Don Quixote’s Delusion in 6 seconds by Kendall, Timmy, Philip, Dan and Jim: This group tried to capture the difference between DQ’s delusion and reality in 6 second Vine videos, filmed on the beautiful UMW campus.

DQ Vine