Hi there, Jen, Carrington, Kelvin, and Paige were in this group. We chose to use Tiki-Toki, a timeline software. The episode we were trying to depict with our tool is Don Quixote’s trip to the cave of Montesino .Since we were not able to download or embed the timeline without buying or downloading foreign users, I have just provided the link which should take you to the page. The username and password for this account is as follows. Username – donquixote2 Password – DONQUIXOTE2. This should let you view the timeline that we made. Our aim in creating this timeline was to show Don Quixote’s trip to the cave of Montesino as others in his party viewed it(ie. the guide and others present). Due to malfunctions on the webpage, the time is not as correct as it could be. We planned on making an alternate timeline to show Don Quixote’s personal remembrance of his trip to the cave of Montesino, which varied greatly from the others. Enjoy!