In these chapters we finally get to see Sancho as a governor. Once again we see more tricks played on Sancho and Quixote. We also watched a movie about the lessons Don Quixote brought about leadership.

Don Quixotes Lessons for Leadership

Many may argue that Quixote was never a leader but only a mere fool. But the movie “Don Quixotes Lessons for Leadership” uses 4 main subjects, imagination, commitment, joy, and beauty and to prove that Quixote in fact may be a leader. All of those subjects help describe characteristics that all great leaders have. While Quixote may have not been quite a leader for anyone other than Sancho, he definitely held several characteristics that great leaders today also strive for.

The first is imagination. I personally think this is the most important as well. All great leaders must have imagination. Without imagination everyone would be the same, there would be nothing to differentiate people from each other. Imagination is why brilliant ideas arise and why we are able to have such amazing leaders. Commitment, joy, and beauty are the last three. They are also very important. In order to be a good leader you must be committed to your job and to becoming a good leader. Good leaders must have joy and see the beauty in everything. Don Quixote holds all of these characteristics, some more extreme than others.

I think that this movie did a good job of capturing some of what Cervantes was trying to get across in the book. It shows that Quixote sees beauty in everything even when it’s not necessarily there. This movie also points out all of the good characteristics in Quixote that may not jump out at first in the book. It shows the good sides of Quixote that we don’t necessarily see most of the time.

Sancho’s Governship

I also find it interesting that in this movie, Quixote was compared to many great leaders such as presidents. In these chapters we get to see Sancho as a governor. While Sancho and Quixote are getting pranked the whole time, we still get to see Sancho and Quixote in this role. Sancho is doing a fairly good job at being governor meanwhile Quixote is constantly sending him letters with advice. Sancho is actually doing such a good job that the one and only law he makes in his governship becomes very successful. It leads Cervantes to say, “he made such good ordinances that they’re in force even today and are called The Constitution of the Great Governor Sancho Panza.”

It is exciting to finally see Sancho do something that makes him happy and to finally get the one thing that he wanted the entire time. It is a little upsetting at the same time knowing that it is all just a big joke. Quixote is a good friend to Sancho in these chapters and gives him some pretty good advice about governing and being a leader. As the end of the story gets closer I am excited to see what final adventures the duo will have.