The Telling of the Story 

The story of Don Quixote has been passed down from generation to generation changing each and every time. In the book, its starts out by saying that Don Quixote is a nonfictional and that the author is retelling history. I do not like that the author goes out and tells the reader that he is absolutely telling the truth, brings out an odd suspicion about the actual credibility of the author.

The Mental Snap

The author mentions a character who was at one time a wealthy man, we are told that re failed to take care of his home, spent all his fortune, and gone insane because of all the books he had read and thoughts that filled his mind. The author then names the character Don Quixote. The fact that he had wasted all of his wealth to just read fairy tales about knights shining armor, shows the obsession Don Quixote had about wanting to live his dream life in his dream world.

The first Adventure

With the newly named Don Quixote heading off on an adventure, in his old age he decides that to fulfill his adventure or quest he must become a knight for eternal glory. He then sets out to find a “fair maiden” for which he can do all of his quests in the name of her. He takes his old family armor and fixes his helmet and is ready to fulfill his “destiny.” The fact that Don Quixote has somehow immersed himself so far into these fairy tale books shows how much of an unstable crazy old man.

A Bump in the Road

As Don Quixote is in the midst of his very first quest he stumbles across an inn for supper and well needed rest. With is imagination running wild Don Quixote mistakes  he inn for a castle and the innkeeper (who is trying to scheme Don Quixote) for a keeper of a castle. As he walks in the “castle” he meets two prostitutes that he of course mistakes them for the princesses of the inn (castle).  Don Quixote begins to recite poetry to try and win the princess over. The two prostitutes laugh at Don Quixote, but decided to play along because they find him to be amazing. To fuel Don Quixote’s ego the two girls take off his armor and feed him like he is a prince or a well beloved knight in shining armor. When these two women go along with the crazed imaginary world that Don Quixote  has created for himself, he goes even further in believing that is really inside of one of his many fairy tale stories.