Is Marcela a bad person for not loving anyone? In Don Quixote, Marcela is a beautiful woman that has recently mad a man die because she denied him her love. The towns people think she’s cruel for leading men on and not loving them back? I agree with  Marcela because she shouldn’t have to love anyone. She is in charge of who she loves and only her.

In Don Quixote we’ve read chapters 9-14. In these chapters Don Quixote wins his fight with the Basque and told him to go to the village of El Toboso and present himself on his behalf before Dulcinea. Quixote then goes and meets the goatherds, that end up taking care of Quixote and Sancho.

They supplied them with food and wine. They also had a young man play music for them. Quixote then learns about a woman named Marcela that all the men are obsessed with. Some of the men start to tease Quixote for being so crazy.

Marcela appears and talks about how god made her and she shouldn’t fall in love with everyone that loves her. After seeing Marcela, Don Quixote wants  to offer her his service.

In class we discussed why we thought the goatherds were being so nice to Don Quixote? I think the goatherds were intimidated by Quixote and didn’t want to get on his bad side because has crazy. So the goatherds took care of him and didn’t harass him. They also went over the top by feeding him, providing them wine, and music.

We also discussed how Sancho might feel about Don Quixote. I think Sancho is only with Quixote because he truly thinks he will be given a island. I feel like Sancho thinks Quixote is a crazy man and makes dumb decisions. Sancho is using Quixote for his own island.