Welcome to our new domain for Don Quixote. This new name–“Go-Hidal-go!”–is the creation of our FSEM class and evokes both our “Ingenious Gentleman” Don Quixote and his quest, but also our own journeys with him. I look forward to building out this site with the class as the semester progresses. Now to Blog Post 2. This week, I’d like you to focus your post around the readings (Chapts 2-4 of DQ and the article by Juul), and the ideas we’ve discussed in class of imitation, DQ’s “reality”, and games. You could also talk about video games in relation to the Juul article, DQ, and your own experiences. Remember that in these posts I’d like to see 1) that you’re doing the readings 2) that you’re engaged with our classroom discussion and the ideas of the course and 3) that you’ve got your own opinions! This is due Friday, Sept 12th before class, and should be 350-500 words. This time, give it the category “FSEM100k3”