Enough is enough. The foul trickery that fulfills one’s pleasure has been too long of a stretch conducted by both the Duke and Duchess. Their games of humiliation and annoyance have been a habit that brought in others, Altisidora in particular, to participate in the schemes of the royalty.

‘ As he passed through an adjoining room, there were Altisidora and the other girl, her friend, lying in wait for him, and as soon as Altisidora saw him she pretended to swoon away, and her friend drew her to herself and, with incredible speed, began to unlace her bodice.’

Don Quijote, Volume II, Chapter 46, Page 599)

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Altisidora’s advances have proven to lure Don Quijote in caring for her. He starts to trust the word of a young and attractive ‘ love struck maiden.’ ( Don Quijote, Volume II, Chapter 46, Page 598).  Based on the descriptive quote above, her malicious tactics have only proven to satisfy her own pleasure but above all, in the service of the Duke and Duchess.

‘ So they [ Altisidora along with her friend] hurried of to report to the duchess and tell her that Don Quijote had asked for a lute, at which news the great lady, delighted, set herself to plotting, together with the duke and her maidens, a joke a good deal more likely to be funny than dangerous, and then they all happily awaited darkness, which arrived quite as promptly as had daylight; the Duke and Duchess spent the intervening hours pleasantly conversing with Don Quijote. ‘

Don Quijote, Volume II, Chapter 46, Page 599)

Regardless the knight-errant does not  recognize her malicious tactics and is innocently ignorant of this circumstance, Don Quijote, out of the goodness of his heart, treats her with the best of his ability. With his eyes, he perceives Altisidora as a chivalry sacred- vessel, which should be treated. Sure he was able to detect the culprits who he assumingly thinks they’re responsible for Altisidora’s swoon, but it is pity that he was unsuccessful in seeing a girl with her devious persuasive charms as an associate for the Duke and Duchess. She would be the last person Quijote could suspect as a dishonest and deceitful person.  With her involved, another entertaining ambush aroused the Don, who was only keeping the peace in singing the ballad in which he composed to his Dulcinea but only this time, the entertainment resulted in physical damage on Don Quijote.

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‘ The duke and duchess, and Altisiodora, and indeed everyone who lived in the castle, were listening to Don Quijote’s song, which had just gotten to this point when, suddenly, from a passageway just above our knight’s window, someone threw down a rope hung with more than a hundred bells, and then a huge sack full of cats with smaller bells tied to their tails. The jangling and clanging of the bells, and the mewing of the cats, made such an incredible noise that even the duke and duchess ( who had planned the whole thing) were startled, and Don Quijote was so terrified that he could not move. Then two or three cats clawed their way in through his window and, leaping from one side of his room to the other, made him think a whole troop of devils had been let loose. The frenzied animals extinguished all his candles, then raced back and forth in the darkness, trying to find a way of escape. The rope from which the great bells hung kept jerking up and down – and most of the people in the castle, who had no idea what was going on, were absolutely dumbstruck.’

( Don Quijote, Volume II, Chapter 46, Page 600)

Once again, the knight-errant has been humiliated along with being marked with cat claw markings. Frankly, I could care less about the cruel trio. They put their energy into practice in messing with Don Quijote. They have infiltrated at the highest state of Quijote’s imagination and stopped at nothing in messing with his subjective world. It’s not worth a life in partaking a role in a self entertainment which is being coordinated by those who have a upper class status. Although they may not notice the extent of their trickery, they’ll one day be called upon for their acts of mayhem when confronting the final judgement. To avoid the burden of regret,  I wouldn’t pull a  foolhardy stunt.