In the recent chapters of Don Quixote, Sancho has finally obtained the long sought after governorship. Don Quixote was not the one to give it to him, however. He was gifted it from the duke and duchess, who wanted to see what would happen. They figured it would be amusing to watch Sancho’s governorship go badly right from the start.

Surprisingly, everything went fairly well during the first day of his governorship. Sancho was able to easily see through all the problems that were brought to his attention and he fairly judged them.

“…all who were present were astonished, and he who was recording the words, deeds, and movements of Sancho could not make up his mind whether he was to look upon him and set him down as a fool or as a man of sense.” (Chapter 45)

Everyone is unsure about what Sancho is really like. I believe the whole town was very impressed with Sancho and his abilities he has. In my opinion, they may have heard a few unflattering things from the duke and duchess that sent Sancho there, but Sancho proved them wrong once he started.

I believe Sancho is able to govern so well because of what he learned from don Quixote. In my opinion, everything don Quixote had taught Sancho was in preparation for when Sancho got his governorship. Don Quixote may have always believed that he would get Sancho his governorship no matter what happened. Sancho, however, says that it might be god who helped him.

“….he said it might be seen that God sometimes guides those who govern in their judgements…” (Chapter 45).

It is my belief that it isn’t God, but don Quixote who made Sancho into the governor he is. Before he becomes governor, don Quixote, in one of his times of wisdom, gave Sancho some good advice.

“…but I comfort myself with having done my duty in advising thee as earnestly and as wisely as I could; and thus I am released from my obligations and my promise” (Chapter 43).

However, don Quixote also believes that God is the reason that Sancho is able to govern (“God guide thee, Sancho, and govern thee in thy government” (Chapter 43)), which is where Sancho got the idea.

While it is a bit surprising that Sancho is pretty good at governing, I believe it could have been expected. Everyone put him down, saying he wouldn’t do well. Sancho did the complete opposite and was able to accomplish some of his jobs as governor fairly well.

In my opinion, Sancho should not become a governor. I don’t think it’s good for someone to jump from being poor, and even a squire for a knight, to being a governor as easily as Sancho does.

On a completely different note, I saw the movie this past weekend. I believe that there were many connections from the movie that could be made to the book. For instance, the director had many big ideas that were hard to pull off, just like don Quixote. Another example is that the main actress wasn’t seen all to often, which reminded me of how don Quixote doesn’t get to see Dulcinea very often (or at all if you want to get technical). Also, as mentioned in class, the main actor is only able to get to the shooting twice, which is just like how don Quixote only went home in the books twice. The connections that could be made between the movie and the book made the movie all that more interesting.