Don Quixote’s Strange Identity

Don Quixote’s story and Don Quixote himself are a great example of changing and creating new identities. He imagined that he was someone else, but he also completely transformed himself into a new character. Don Quixote’s identity change was not subtle whatsoever. Changing from an hidalgo to a knight is a very drastic change.  He not only made a new identity for himself but he also gave the people around him new identities through his imagination and the novels he read.

Other Characters Identity Changes

There are several examples of other characters’ identity change in the first few chapters. One of them is in chapter 8 with the Basque lady in the carriage. She was just a normal woman on the way to see her husband, but Quixote gave her a new identity stating that she was a princess being kidnapped by enchanters.  Another example is also in chapter 8 regarding the windmills. Although the windmill was not a person, Quixote still changed its identity. He changed the windmill into a “giant.” In the book Don Quixote said to Sancho Panza, “It seems to me, that you aren’t well versed in adventures- they are giants: and if you’re afraid, get away from here and start praying while I go into fierce and unequal battle with them.” This quote signifies Don Quixote changing the identity of a windmill into a giant through his wide-ranging imagination.

Is Don Quixote Really Admirable?

Don Quixote making his own identity could be perceived in several different ways. I personally see it as being admirable. His whole point of making a new identity is to be a knight and “achieve eternal and renown fame.” In his new identity he is no longer an old man who is also an hidalgo. He is now a brave knight who is out to help people. I also see it as slightly dangerous. Even in these first few chapters, Quixote takes on people out of his league and gets himself into trouble a few times. For example, when he got in such a bad fight with the merchants that he had to be carried back to his home on his neighbor’s horse. Don Quixote is admirable but to many people his identity change is laughable due to his complete insanity.

My Own Identity

I have never thought about changing my identity before reading this book. If I were to change my identity, I don’t think I would do it in the same way as Don Quixote. My new identity would be a very intelligent individual. Don Quixote’s new identity was a brave knight whereas mine would be an intelligent scholar. I think that my identity change would be so different from Don Quixote’s because his new identity was created through the novels that he read, whereas if I were to change my identity, it would most likely be created by the things I see on the internet or television.


In conclusion, changing identities is one of the most common themes we’ve seen so far throughout this book. The whole book is based around Don Quixote changing his identity and giving other people identities of their own. This book is also very unique because it can be perceived in many different ways. I personally think that everyone who reads Don Quixote, reads it differently.