There are similarities and differences between narratives, but it is there likenesses that provide  a combination for gaming entertainment. Narratives and games are not mutually exclusive. They can work together to provide entertainment for players. “ As Janet Murray suggests in Hamlet on the Holodeck, such similarities would indicate that there is a promising future for digital storytelling and interactive narratives, that games and narratives are not very far apart.” (Games Studies 0101: Games telling Stories? by Jesper Juul, Though games may be linear by design, choice exists in  interactive video games. “Most games have a story written on the package, in the manual, or in intro-sequences, placing the player’s playing in the context of a larger story (back-story), and/or creating an ideal story that the player has to realize.” (Games Studies 0101: Games telling Stories? by Jesper Juul, Don Quixote could be a popular video game following the design of a popular game that uses both narrative and digital game structure.

Legend of Zelda is an extremely popular, high-fantasy action-adventure video game. Players/gamers encounter levels of increasing difficulty, a protagonist that is completing quests, and digital storytelling, narration. The character, Zelda is not the protagonist in the main story line, but she gives the story purpose. Despite the name of the game, the actual protagonist is Link. Dulcinea del Toboso could be the Zelda to Don Quixote as a character like Link (if Link was suffering from madness or a mid-life crisis).  In chapter sixteen, we are reminded of Don Quixote’s devotion to Dulcinea del Toboso as he declares when faced with what he perceives to be a woman trying to seduce him, “ And what makes this impossibility even more impossible is that I’ve promised fidelity to the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, the only lady of my most hidden thoughts.” (Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote (Signet Classics) (p. 127). Like Don Quixote, Link is devoted to Zelda. Don Quixote the video game could easily resemble the Legend of Zelda video game. In the Legend of Zelda, Link faces many different enemies as he continuously saves his country and Zelda’s kingdom by successfully completing his quests. Don Quixote’s many adventures, though ridiculous and self-determined, could be viewed as quests in a video game.  

“[W]e use narratives to make sense of our lives, to process information, and since we can tell stories about a game we have played, no genre or form can be outside the narrative” (Games Studies 0101: Games telling Stories? by Jesper Juul, Like Legend of Zelda, Don Quixote could be a popular modern day video game by using the elements of narrative and game structure as they are not mutually exclusive.