Don Quixote- Menace… or Friend??

The people encountered by Don Quixote either are confused and afraid of him or are entertained by him and go along with his charade. In the previous episode of Don Quixote, he fought many civilians that were resistant to Don’s requests and easily agitated, but in this section, he did not fight anyone (besides the end of the unfinished battle in book 1) and was actually very friendly towards everyone.

Book 2 Characters

  • After the battle with the Basque, the woman from the carriage agrees to all of Don’s rambling requests just to make the threatening knight leave their presence.
  • After departing, Don and Sancho try to find more food and come across some goatherds who take them in for the night. They listen to Don’s stories of knighthood and share their wine and food even though they don’t know the goofy-looking, wounded knight. They hear news of an older goatherd who recently passed because he wasn’t able to make the alluring Marcella love him, so they all proceeded to the funeral together.
  • On the way to the funeral, they encounter some townspeople also going to the funeral who  “wanted to give Don Quixote a chance to go further in his nonsense.” Don doesn’t seem to notice the mockery during his travels and continues to spew nonsense of chivalry.
  • After arriving, they meet Marcella and she defends herself basically saying she didn’t have to love the Gristosomo. Don Quixote pursues her to ask her if she needs his services

The Good Side of Don Quixote

Don is very friendly to who he wants. He offers to share his “secret remedy” of a magical elixir that heals everything with sancho, but says he will share it later. He shares his stories of knighthood with the goat herders and townspeople without a second thought. He also attempts to help a lot of random people for no reason.