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The End Of Quixote As We Know It

DQ’s Death

These last few chapters marked the end of the book Don Quixote. It ended quite unexpectedly with Don Quixote dying after getting sick. The ending of the book to me was honestly a big disappointment. I really enjoyed the book itself, but it just seemed like the ending was very anticlimactic. I always pictured Don Quixote ending with something important or significant or even symbolic happening, but instead Don Quixote just gets ill and dies out of nowhere. I wasn’t even disappointed that he died I was just disappointed that it happened the way that it did.

Life Lessons

The overall book however taught me a lot of important lessons and I actually did enjoy it thoroughly. Don Quixote has taught me how to be a leader and how to be adventurous with my imagination. I believe that the best trait that people lose as they enter adulthood is their large imagination that they had when they were kids. I think that if people kept their imagination, they would be overall more successful in life.


Don Quixote and Sancho’s friendship has also taught me a lot about what a good friendship is like. They really did value each other a lot and I believe that if it came down to it, they would have done almost anything for each other. This is really what friendship is all about. This was really proven when Don Quixote cried earlier in the novel when he thought that his best friend Don Quixote had died and also at the end of the book when Don Quixote got sick.

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