How would you describe Don Quixote? does he live up to his inner dreams of being a brave knight that saves innocent lives day in and day out? or is Quixote a just a liability to himself and others all around him. This is a very broad argument but in my opinion, I believe based off all the reading that Quixote is just a liability to himself and everyone around him.
I say this because on every adventure Quixote is one he is always putting everyone in danger with his own actions. For example, in chapter XVI when Quixote left the inn the next morning with Sancho he would not pay the inn keeper because he is a knight or what he thought in his head. From him doing this caused him to get beat up by multiple people, His most famous scene where he puts himself into danger is his windmill scene. Another example of his dangerous acts was when Quixote sees the dust pile made by these sheep, and he believes that there is a large battle taking place. Sancho tries to explain to him that it is just from the sheep running but it is too late Quixote rushes in a kills handful of sheep.
Don Quixote believes that he is a hero but, he is just an old very confused man. In his eyes, he believed that every person that he saw needed his help, and his case this put everyone around him in danger. Any so called brave warrior or “Hero” would never put any innocent bystander in a life threating situation, the definition of a real hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Don Quixote does not fit this category no matter how much he wants to make himself believe, maybe when he was younger this could be achievable. Quixote was a very crazed old man but what others never realized that, no matter what people thought of him he still chased his dreams. Nothing could ever stop him from achieving what he desires the most, no matter what anyone told him nothing would stop him from chasing his dream.
Although Don Quixote was not the most popular name in his era, he did have many traits that I wish I could carry. The dedication and passion that he had in what he believed was second to none, we are talking about man who changed his whole life- identity to something different. For anyone that is something that is not easy at all, your identity is something that you have been working on your whole entire life it is something that makes you who you really are. Just thinking about is absolutely insane, a man that is so passionate about something that he throws his whole identity away to fulfill this one. Majority of the people would definitely agree that this is downright crazy, but I believe that this has some hero qualities to it.