Do video games tell stories? This question is unanswerable because many video games tell wonderful stories but some are just pointless. Most mobile apps, for example, do not tell any story but are solely made for the mindless repetition. On the other hand, console games usually have a campaign along with the repetitious gameplay to give the game unlimited replay-ability.

Classic Childhood Favorite

Did you play the video game, Mario, as a kid? I played almost every Mario game out there and looking back, they remind me of the hero, Don Quixote. Mario was a simple plumber who loves a princess, Peach, but she gets kidnapped by Bowser constantly and Mario fights mushrooms and turtles to save Peach.

Our hero of la Mancha, Don Quixote, fights sheep and innocent townspeople to save women who are not in any danger. Don Quixote could be made into a game similar to Mario where he has to battle bosses such as the prisoners, the man in the inn, the heard of sheep, and all the other battles he gets beaten up in. Players will have to dodge the rocks from the shepherds while sword fighting the valiant knights (sheep).

Fulling Mills

In this chapter, Don and Sancho are taking refuge in a forest when they hear a loud, scary noise. Don wants to investigate and fight off the beast making the noise, but Sancho takes all measures to stop him. I created a game with the story that begins with the two heros sleeping and being woken up by the loud banging. Don Quixote sneaks off then the game begins where he is jumping up platforms (knock off of doodle jump) while avoiding monsters of the night. When the player dies, the camera pans to Quixote and Sancho next to a fulling mill and Don says “it is just a fulling mill. How stupid of me.”

Don Quixote would be a fun book to recreate in an interactive gaming way that tells all the stories of his misadventures.