My main thought through reading these chapters is how strange Dorotea’s situation is.  First of all with everything that happened with Cardenio and Lucinda was very Romeo and Juliette like, when Cardenio said, “May your words, senora, be validated by your deeds.  If you have a dagger to affirm your honor, I have a sword either to defend you with or to kill myself, if Fortune should be against us.” (Chap. 28 p.245)  This was said when Lucinda told Cardenio her parents were forcing her to marry don Fernando.  This is the second time in the book someone was willing to kill themselves for love, so I’m thinking Cervantes really believed in defending yourself for true love.  Which is why I believe he made Lucinda so opposed to marrying don Fernando just because her parents told her to.  I’m very confused however in why Dorotea married don Fernando.  It seemed at the time when they were getting married she didn’t want to and was trying to convince him not to, but then after once don Fernando left her it seemed she fell in love with him for real.  Especially once Dorotea found out about don Fernando and Lucinda and still wanted him back.  That whole situation was hard to wrap my head around.  Why would Lucinda want a man back who basically cheated on her by marrying another women, and know he is a trickster taking advantage of other women.  I understand Cardenio and Lucinda getting back together when they meet at the inn (Ill get to that situation later) because they fell in love by their own will and I believe they truly belonged together.  However I cant understand why on earth Lucinda would want don Fernando back after everything he put her through and how upset he made her in her time looking for him and in the forest.  So all in all throughout reading these chapters I thought I was getting an understanding on Cervantes views on love, but he just furthered confused me about his view on it.