In the next chapters I believe don Quixote continued with the craziness, along with Sancho.  Compared to don Quixote, Sancho doesn’t seem so crazy, but if you look at just Sancho he looks crazy too.  He went along with a man who was clearly crazy, believing that he would be given an island to govern one day, and through the story continues to follow him as his tasks get weirder.  He believed in the magic potion that cures injuries of rosemary and water, and thought that could help him in ruling his island with money.

In our group discussion we talked whether we thought Sancho was crazy or just not smart.  Some people said just not smart because he wasn’t educated and maybe was just hopeful when going on the adventure because he was promised in island.  Some, like me, said that he must have some head problems too to go along on this crazy adventure.  We talked about how don Quixote says one thing, and then another that’s the opposite of what he had already said.  For example, when talking about his ear, he talks about how knights don’t complain about their injuries and can toughen through anything. However, a page later, do Quixote says, “For now, lets try to make my ear feel better.  It hurts me more than id like.”(Cervantes p.81) We thought it strange that frequently like that, he says what a knight is supposed to do so that is what he will do, and then does the opposite.

All in all we talked about don Quixote and Sancho’s craziness along their adventures.  Even though they may be crazy, I still say good for them for doing what they want to do and not letting people treat them strange, because they look strange to people, bother them.