Up until no the main discussion of Don Quixote has been expanding and sharing of ideas around the world. In the second volume we start to see the down side of “sharing of ideas” through a heated Cervantes.

As discussed in the prologue and intro, somebody who wasn’t Cervantes published a second volume of Don Quixote. Cervantes was so disturbed by this that ten years after he published the first volume he decides to write his own second volume to debunk the false Quixote.

Although the false Quixote could have been looked at as a interpretive continuation of the first volume, Cervantes did not see it that way. He saw it as plagiarism of his ideas.

For this reason we start to see a slight change in our beloved Don Quixote in volume two. I think Cervantes changed don Quixote to in a way put his own stamp on the second volume. The changes in Don Quixote also reflect how Cervantes feels and shows what Cervantes wants to teach us. For example Don Quixote starts to become more aware of his surroundings in a sort of “sobering up fashion. He starts to recognize that peasants are not princesses and actors are indeed just actors.

Cervantes is trying to teach us through Don Quixote how important it is to see things for what they really are. If we don’t the line between fact and fiction can become nonexistent and we wouldn’t know the difference

As discussed in the “Plagiarism and Its Effect on Creative Work”, the problem with plagiarism is how easily we are influenced when we are trying to learn about a certain subject. For instance, a teacher could teach a course using a completely false information and the students would most likely not know the difference. Technology has contributed greatly to this problem by widening our window of information but at the same time narrowing our window of liable sources. as shelly Carson puts it, ” In all of these ways, rampant plagiarism will contribute to the “dumbing down” of our culture rather than the rise of a Golden Age, which I believe our technology is making possible for us.”

In the world we live in today it is effortless to be able to completely plagiarize someone else’s work. This is alarming to any person who does research such as myself. Cervantes teaches us that we have to be aware of who is giving us our information and even if they seem credible they may not always be that way.