Many new characters were introduced in the beginning of part two. The introduction of these new characters to the novel did affect the story a little bit but as you read on in the second part, you can tell that Don Quixote has still not changed from his old self. Most things are the same from part one to part two like the conflicts and troubles the duo gets themselves into but a new theme of Sainthood emerges in part two and is very interesting as an addition to the story line.

Many of the same themes that were present in part one are also present in part two but there is one theme that is new to the novel and was brought up by Sancho in part two. It is the theme of Knighthood vs. Sainthood and was brought up by Sancho in chapter seven on page 508. Here is an exert from the page right after Sancho asked Don Quixote about being saints instead of knight errants. “All of that is true,” responded Don Quixote, “but we cannot all be friars, and God brings His Children to heaven by many paths: chivalry is a religion, and there are sainted knights in Glory.” “Yes,” responded Sancho, “but I’ve heard that there are more friars in heaven than knights errant.” “That is true,” responded Don Quixote, “because the number of religious is greater than the number of knights.” “There are many who are errant,” said Sancho. “Many,” responded Don Quixote, “but few who deserve to be called knights.” From these quotes the reader can infer that Don Quixote values knighthood over religion. In my opinion, this is just another reason for the reader to solidify their opinion onto why Don Quixote is crazy. He values being a mere knight over a whole religion and especially in that time period is unheard of. Some might say his opinions on religion came hundreds of years too soon due to his hierarchal opinion of knighthood being above religion which some people today do but just with something different then knighthood.

Two characters were introduced to the story in chapter twelve and they end up having a big impact on the story itself. Their names are Knight of the wood and squire of the wood. They are almost the exact same as Don Quixote and Sancho. They both bond on similarities between the four of them but of course their relationship has to end with a battle. After the Knight of the wood said that he defeated Don Quixote de La Mancha, Don Quixote challenges him to a duel in theImage result for knight of wood morning to which Don Quixote wins.

Part two and Part one of Don Quixote are very similar with the same mistakes being made by Don Quixote and the same kind of conflicts in both parts. To give an example of Don Quixote making the same mistakes in part two as in part one is when Don Quixote believes that the knight and Squire of wood are an enchantment just like how he believed there were other enchantments in part one.