Kile McNair
Blog Post

After starting volume two in of the novel there are obvious changes from the beginning. In chapter one of the novel Don Quixote was very confident in his speech of knighthood, it was hard for one to explain anything to Quixote. Now in the second part of the novel Quixote is speaking differently, it seems as if he has lost his confidence in what he believes somewhat.In the beginning of the novel he talks very highly about how loyal he is to him, “You must now, Sancho Panza my friend, that it used to be very common, in ancient times, for knights-errant to make their squires governor of whatever islands or regions they conquered, and I am resolved not to neglect this gracious custom – indeed, I intend to improve on it, for occasionally, and I suspect most of the time, I intend to improve on it, for occasionally, and I suspect most of the time, they waited until their squires had grown old and fed up with such service, enduring bad days and even worse nights, and then gave them a title – count, or more often maquis of some valley or province, more or less. But if you and I both live, it could be that in less than a week I’ll have conquered a kingdom to which others pay allegiance etc…”. The voice of opinions with other people are starting to affect his thought process about what he believes in. Another big change that has occurred in the novel is Sancho, he is voicing himself more now in one part of the novel he goes in to detail telling Quixote what he wants out of following him on this journey. ‘And I’ll bet,’ said Sancho, ‘you got it right away…but you wanted to get me all bothered, so you could hear me make a couple of dozen more mistakes.’ (Chapter 7)
At the beginning of the novel Sancho was a very loyal to Quixote, but when it came to the battles and fighting he was not interested at all. In the second Sancho in my opinion becomes his own character, in the first volume Sancho was only focused on his personal goals. At the beginning of the novel all he cared about was the island that he was promised by Quixote, also reading you would notice that Sancho also becomes a wiser individual. The main reasoning for his change was because when he gets this island he wants to start his own government, he gains this knowledge to lead his people. All the people on the island will be his servants but they will view him as a baffling fool.
There are several changes now in the novel, in my opinion it makes the story more interesting for the readers. When the reader begins to notice drastic changes in the story it draws them in more, the second volume in my opinion I find the book more interesting to read. I am excited to read more in this second part of the Don Quixote.