Volume 2 begins with a whole new atmosphere about it.  After Cervantes discovers that a fake Volume 2 has been released, he changes things.  He uses the preface to discredit this hack of an author. After he finished with this, Cervantes picks up where he lefts off with Quixote at home, only it isn’t the same Quixote from Volume 1.

Quixote is resting in bed talking to the barber and priest, but there’s something different about him. While they’re talking, he seems to be completely normal and sane. He even made good points when discussing various politics, “And don Quixote spoke so sensibly about everything that the two examiners believed without a doubt that he was completely cured and quite sane”(513). This is peculiar because for the entire first Volume of the book both of these men were attempting to stop Quixote and his adventures because they were sure he was insane. This is only the first instance we see the change in Quixote’s personality.

Later on in Chapter 11, Sancho and Quixote are out on a new quest when they run into a band of actors that are dressed in many different costumes. One of the actors, dressed as a jester, jumped from the cart and began to tease and surround Quixote. Sancho saw this and believed his master was in trouble, so he dismounted his horse and ran to Quixote’s aid. Unfortunately, the jester took this opportunity to mount Sancho’s horse and ride it around. Quixote wished to fight him, but Sancho convinced him otherwise, “‘There’s no need, señor,’ responded Sancho. ‘Calm down, because it looks like the devil has left the donkey, and he’s coming back,'”(586-587). This is quite interesting because normally, no one could rationalize with Quixote about the truth, yet Sancho was able to talk him down. Quixote has began to trust Sancho and value his opinion.

Is it true that there is a “New Quixote” in town? Is he simply getting too old and tired? Or perhaps has he himself been enchanted?