This reading begins with Don Quixote insisting that a lion in a cage be released. Although at first the lion tamer resists this idea, he eventually gives in to Don Quixote’s persistency by releasing the lion. The townspeople flee in fear while Don Quixote stays expecting a fight. The lion then comes out of his cage, stretches, and lies down. Don Quixote is then praised for his bravery by the lion tamer. I found this part of the book to be no surprise considering the other numerous acts of “bravery” (really just stupidity) that Don Quixote has shown. After this encounter he is invited to come stay with Don Diego and his son Don Lorenzo. Don Quixote asks Don Lorenzo to show him his poetry and Don Quixote praises it. Don Lorenzo appreciates this despite his knowledge of Don Quixote being a madman.

After Don Quixote stays with Don Diego and his son for a few days, him and Sancho set off for Quiteria’s and Camacho’s wedding. Upon arriving, a man named Basilio ‘stabs’ himself with his dagger and tells Quiteria that if he doesn’t agree to marry him then he will not confess himself to God. She was only marrying Camacho out of wealth and not love in the first place. She agrees to marry Basilio and then Basilio shows everyone that he had not actually stabbed himself in the first place. A brawl breaks lose and Don Quixote intervenes and insists that they should not be fighting because of love. I found this part interesting because it really shows how much Don Quixote really values love and thinks that marriage should happen because of love and not because of money.

The movie that we watched last week was different from most other movies. This was the first movie I had ever seen that was about a film that had failed. It was basically a documentary that included clips of the failed movie in it. I think the most interesting part about this movie is that a lot of the actors as well as people that worked on the set of the failed movie all agreed that the director is very similar to Don Quixote himself. I myself noticed this same thing in the sense that he has this vision of how he wants to movie to be and if people don’t see it the same way then that’s their own fault. Everything has to work out in the very specific way that he envisions it working out. I also think that this stubbornness is probably one of the main reasons why the film never got finished in the first place. Another thing that I thought was really interesting about the film was that if it were completed, it would have been somewhat altered from Cervantes’s novel. I think that would have made the movie better and less predictable. Overall I think there are definitely certain things that could have been done to prevent the failing of this film. I am honestly a little bit bummed out myself that they couldn’t pull it off because I would have liked to see what Don Quixote on the big screen is like.