Just when I thought don Quixote was getting a sense of reality, he challenges the lions to fight to look tough.  When don Quixote asked about the lions the man in charge of the lions said, “So large’ replied the man who sat at the door of the cart, ‘that the larger, or as large, have never crossed from African to Spain; I am the keeper, and I have brought over others, but never any like these.  They are male and female; the male is in that first cage and the female is in the one behind, and they are hungry now, for they have eaten nothing to-day, so let you worship stand aside, for we must make haste to the place where we are to feed them.”(Cervantes) Even after hearing about how big and hungry the lions are, don Quixote still thinks its a good idea to try to fight them, showing that he’s back to his irrational ways.  To back that thought up, Cervantes writes, “So far did his unparalleled madness go; but the noble lion, more courteous than arrogant, not troubling himself about silly bravado, after having looked all round, as has been said, turned about and presented his hind-quarters to Don Quixote, and very coolly and tranquilly lay down again in the cage.” (Cervantes)  What I got from this is Cervantes trying to say the lion was smarter than don Quixote, because the lion knew that fighting wasn’t worth it and was not a smart thing to do.

As for as the movie goes, I think interesting is a good word to describe it.  I couldn’t tell if it would have been a good or bad movie.  I don’t know a lot about making movies, but it seemed like a lot of chaos to me.  Between all the weather problems and the sets getting ruined, main actors getting sick, and the directors just angry and yelling a lot, it seemed to me the universe was saying this movie wasn’t meant to be made.  I believe a movie about don Quixote’s adventures would be a good movie, but preferably made in this day and age with the technological advances we have had since then that would make it better, along with better funding.