In chapters 36- 45 we see a great change and development of Sancho. He is caught in the middle of wanting to be taken seriously or stay loyal to his companion, Don Quixote.

Why not both? In these chapters Sancho is staring to succumb to the fantasy world that Don Quixote lives in. He realizes it is easier to live blissfully ignorant than to live in the real world. we see this when he is discussing the goats of heaven or actual lying believing he is on a magic horse.

it seems as though the roles have been reversed and Cervantes has given us the opposite of Don Quixote through his foil Sancho. While Don Quixote is trapped in his fantasy world, Sancho is voluntarily trying to enter it. An interesting concept. Much like those clouded by mental disorders and those who take drugs.

Cervantes continues this type of duality with his role as both author and critic. He says things such as, “O most renowned author!” which allows the reader to connect to Cervantes on a whole new level.

Cervantes also starts to reference Cide Benegeli much more frequently, praising him for his work. This is also ironic considering he calls him an unreliable translator in the beginning of the novel. This change of heart just adds to the overall ironic tone of the whole novel and really highlights all of Cervantes’ sarcastic remarks.

While the story is progressing slower than normal, as readers we have to question why Cervantes went this far in the novel. I, myself wonder if he ran out of ideas due to his slowing of plot, or if there is going to be a major event that will come next. With that, only time will tell. As for the change in Sancho this could be seen as foreshadowing of a major downfall to come. When your basis of clear thinking is starting to lose it the house of cards is going to fold. Will this be the end for the dynamic duo? Only Cervantes has the true answer.