Coming to college I was told to attend all the school hosted events that I could. However my first week of school I was quickly distracted by all the non-academic extra-curricular activities that can come with being away from home. During the course of the summer, we were instructed to read a book by Kristen Green called “Something Must be Done about Prince Edward County.” I felt like the book was very powerful in the way it provided a first hand account of racism and African-american oppression in the south. To summarize the perspective of the story, essentially her grandpa encouraged the separation of colored and white kids in schools.

When I heard that Kristen Green would be attending the school to discuss her book, I cleared my schedule to attend. During the book discussion she told us more personal stories and gave us perspective on facts and statistics that she had gathered to better inform us of the situation that was occurring when she was a little girl. This was cool to listen to because it isn’t often that an author of color writes about racial oppression. After her presentation she opened up the floor for questions. During the question session people had nothing but praise for her and her work.