Don Quixote is Dead!!!

Yes the tragedy that we all knew was coming has finally occurred. Of course, the number of pages remaining were dwindling so we all knew that it had to happen soon. It is speculated that Cervantes had part of the second part written already when the first part was published. This would explain why at the end of part 2, Cervantes makes sure to include a part where he bashes the “fake Don Quixote” for attempting to create a sequel. I will remember Don Quixote as comparable to Steve Irwin because they were both very carefree and lighthearted individuals. Additionally, they both took great pride in their desire to adventure and explore.

Death by Depression?

These chapters were especially sad for readers because Don Quixote seems to lose all interest in chivalry and adventure. On top of that, there are others who encourage his previous crazy behavior even though he is clearly not himself anymore and nearing the end of his life. And then there are others who also contribute to his depression by saying things like “You’re crazy, and if you were just crazy alone and by yourself, it wouldn’t be so bad. But you have the capacity to make all those who deal with and accompany you, crazy as well.” (958). Even though Don Quixote through his adventures, seemed to be unshaped and impacted by anyone’s opinion, I believe that all the criticism and harsh language towards him eventually took his toll on him. My discussion group found it ironic that towards the end of his life, he wanted to be a shepherd because in an earlier chapter, he encountered a flock of sheep and thought it was an army, thus charging towards them and injuring himself.

No real friends (except Sancho)

At Don Quixote’s deathbed, only Sancho appeared to spend time with him in his last minutes. This is significant in the development on Sancho as a leader and governor because is shows that he can move past the scurries and fights that him and Don Quixote had in the past and still value their friendship. As sad as it is, I used this scene to reflect on what who I would want at my side in my final moments. While I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, I appreciate Don Quixote’s death scene because it signifies only having those that have good relationships with you by your side. These relationships can only be formed with lifetime experiences or in this case…                             crazy adventures

FSEM Impacts

This freshman seminar impacted my life in a big way because it was truly the first class ever in college. This class is also a class that helps with course planning with our future classes as well as our majors. I felt that Digital Don Quixote has positively impacted my life because it has helped me transition into college as well as plan my future at the University of Mary Washington.