Not as crazy as before

In the first couple chapters of volume 2, i can already see that Don quixote has undergone some changes to his character. Before, in the previous volume, Sancho Panza would have never been able to talk Don Quixote out of doing crazy things. However now Sancho can actually talk to Don Quixote and reason with him without the danger of getting beat up. For example, Sancho recounts his experience getting blanketed at the inn when he says “but when they were blanketing me, as part of your body, there was my head on the other side of the fence, watching me fly through the air without feeling any pain at all.” (525). The amazing thing that happens when Sancho says this is that after, Don Quixote and him have a conversation about what happens at the inn and for the first time Don Quixote understands that not helping his friend caused him a lot of pain. That is why I believe Don Quixote is changing.

No one writes Don Quixote like Cervantes

According to in-class discussions, Cervantes wrote this volume/ part of the book because he was angry that some other author had attempted to write the second part of Don Quixote before him. However Cervantes is an interesting author because it took him ten-years to finish the second part after the first one was published. As a reader, the wait between the first and second part would’ve been unbearable especially if I had particularly enjoyed the first part. That is why i believe that the false second author was actually beneficial to Cervantes. The other author gave the people something to read and like/dislike before Cervantes finally put out the real second edition of Don Quixote.Why Cervantes took 10 years to write the second part?  No one may ever know, but the one for sure thing is that so much changed in his life that Don Quixote changed with him.