There has been a lot of theater in this novel thus far. The whole first volume of the book was basically theater. It seemed as if Don Quixote and Sancho were living in a life that was fiction as if it was a dream or something. One big example of theater in the second volume is the puppet show. During this puppet show, Don Quixote got too involved in it and thought that the puppet show was actually reality instead of fiction. This was really a point where I thought to myself that Don Quixote was really insane.


It has made me wonder sometimes throughout the book why Sancho stays so loyal to Don Quixote when Don Quixote is sometimes so mean to him. There have been multiple instances where this has been evident. Quixote so heavily tried to influence and persuade Sancho to take the lashes to disenchant Dulcinea. Quixote also never pays Sancho for anything although he pays others back. I have also noticed that Sancho has been getting in trouble because of Don Quixote. The reasons that he has for staying with him are unclear to me because I know that if I was in that situation, I definitely would not stay and be as loyal as he is being.