“‘Your grace might be,’ said Sancho, ‘a better preacher than a knight-errant.'” (Chapter 18)

This quote, said by Sancho Panza, can bring up several different ideas to the mind. With don Quixote more devoted to religion than to the books of chivalry, he most likely would be a different kind of character, right? In my opinion, the opposite would happen. He would be the same type of character. He would still be insane and cause harm to others.

Don Quixote will always be a character to cause harm to others. As a knight, he has caused more harm than good for others. Sancho Panza is a good example, as every time don Quixote had decided to go on an adventure, Sancho has gotten hurt in some way. Sancho is not given a choice and is dragged along with don Quixote. The people that don Quixote come across are usually hurt in some way as well. He usually will be the cause of this damage, whether it be physically or emotionally.

If don Quixote were to be a preacher instead of a knight not much would change. In my opinion, don Quixote will still be creating his own world in his own way and he will try to bring anyone he can into this world of his. Instead of a world full of adventures and giants when he is a knight, his world will be full of religious events and gods when he is a preacher. The religious books he read will be the basis of his world and he might even try to become a god himself in his own little world.

Don Quixote would also cause harm to himself. No matter if he is a knight or a preacher, he will cause trouble for himself. He will get into arguments with anyone that does not agree with him.

As a preacher, people may have a harder time realizing he is not in his right mind before they follow what he says. His religious “teachings” would be convincing with his knowledge, but once it doesn’t work out, many will understand what is wrong. It was easy to figure it out when he is a knight since it’s long past their time, but preachers are common in this time.

Don Quixote, in my opinion, would still travel around as well. He would want to spread his teachings to as many as he could. No matter if he was a knight or a preacher, he would be traveling. From town to town, he would preach to anyone he comes across, even while he was in midst of travel. If he stayed in an inn, then the innkeeper would be preached to. Don Quixote would not stop even once.

If don Quixote were to become a preacher instead of a knight, I think the book would still exist. Don Quixote would still be changing his identity from the books and leaving his home. He will still travel around and cause trouble for himself and others. In my opinion, nothing would change besides what he believes he is.