After watching the movie everything “Don Quixote” came to life. everything that could have gone wrong in making the movie went wrong. There was  a situation where it began to rain in the dessert and everything had to be cancelled. They also didn’t have enough money for what they had asked for. the amount of money they wanted to spend was no where close to what they got. Then the biggest issue was the actor who played Don Quixote got sick and flew back to France.

The biggest resemblance I see to the actual book is the dream. The director had such a dream to make this movie as well as Don Quixote had a dream with being a famous knight errant. Both of them were very persistent as well. They both knew that their dream wouldn’t be easy and they both had a lot of setbacks but they never quit. Both never quit until quitting was the only option. It’s a misfortune that the movie was never created because it looked like it would’ve been such a great movie.

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