Is Don Quixote really the knight he wants to be?

While reading these chapters my perspective on Don Quixote changed a little. As I was reading, for me, he became less of a “hero” and more a threat. In the chapters from 1-15 I perceived Don Quixote as an adventurous funny guy. However, beginning in chapter 17, my image on him changed.

It was on this chapter that Sancho got thrown around on a blanket because Don Quixote nor Sancho didn’t want to the pay the innkeeper. But that wasn’t even the worst part. Don Quixote instead  of going to go help, while Sancho screamed his name, told him he was unable to go as he was “enchanted.” In chapter 18, page 138 Don Quixote says, “I couldn’t get over the walls, much less get off Rocinante, because they must have enchanted me. I swear to you, on the faith of who I am, that, if it had been possible for me to get over the walls or get off my horse, I would have avenged you…”

He explains to Sancho that he would’ve most definitely helped but he couldn’t. However we all know that isn’t true. I believe that maybe Don Quixote was actually scared since he was seeing the way Sancho was treated and didn’t want to get involved.

Another example that changed my perception on him was on chapter 19, when Don Quixote sees a group of men with torches. Don Quixote then notices that they are carrying a dead body. After he realizes, he “imagined that a badly wounded or a dead knight must be lying on the litter, and whom he was destined to avenge.” So Don Quixote charges at one of the men and knocks him down while breaking his leg. To Don Quixtoe’s surprise, he finds out that the man died of illness and the guy he hit was a Licienciado.  I was so surprised that he decided to just charge even though the people didn’t have anytime. Then after he had hit the guy he didn’t even help him up, he got Sancho to help him while Don Quixote told them to continue what with their route. Although he was trying to avenge a dead man he seriously injured another. His “public service” could’ve easily killed someone if he hadn’t known better.

In class, we talked about games, and during that time we were told to create a game which had something to do with Don Quixote. Me and 2 other classmates created a game in which we had fun creating it. After that our class discussed about games in the book and how they relate to each other. We came up with different types of games in Don Quixote. I came up with an opinion that Sancho was playing a game for his mission of his promised island. Although Sancho doesn’t see Don Quixote’s adventure as his master does, he still goes along with it. However in chapter 18, page 146, “he cursed himself again, and resolved in his heart to leave his master and return home, even though he’d lose the salary fro the time he’d serve, and all hopes of governing the promised insua” Because Sancho had lost his saddlebag he was so close to just dropping everything and calling it quits. Although Sancho managed to calm down, he was on the verge of leaving everything. As said in the gaming world, Sancho almost “rage quit”.

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