I think that Don Quixote’s attempt to create a new identity is admirable. I would say that it is admirable because he is re inventing himself and finding a new purpose in life.Don Quixote also embraces all these ideals and morals from the books he reads, which I also find admirable due to the extent that he follows them. Don Quixote goes from reading all day in his home, to adventuring across the Spanish countryside. He embraces the morals of the chivalrous knights that he reads about, and sets out to right the wrongs that he sees in the era he currently lives in. Don Quixote copies many morals from the books that he read in his life. Don Quixote takes on a squire Sancho Panza, who accompanies Don Quixote on this adventures. Don Quixote follows the lessons the books that he in basing his new identity off of religiously. Like the books that he read, he dons his armor, after a few repairs, refits his horse named Rocinante, and even finds a “princess” who he names Dulcinea del Toboso, and goes out on expeditions for her. Don Quixote takes the ideals of stories and applies them to his world, which is the main thing I find admirable.

I have never really thought about changing my identity. I feel like the new identity would fall through eventually and I would resort back to my old self. Thought Don Quixote is an extreme example because he takes to a new identity with such fervor, and that is something that I could not do. The reason why I truly find Don Quixote’s ability to create a new identity so admirable, is cause I do not have the ability to do so. I am content with my life, and a massive change of identity is something that does not interest me. Thought I would argue that Don Quixote never thought before hand about changing his identity and it was just and idea that just sprang to his mind.  

If I were to change my identity I would change small things about myself that I would want to improve. I think that the drastic change that Don Quixote undertook would not of been possible in this day and age. If I changed my identity to the same level that Don Quixote took, I would probably be takes to see a psychiatrist. In Don Quixote’s time people thought he was crazy, but once he left them alone, no one really cared. Like I said, I would change small things about myself and not go the Don Quixote rout. I feel that the Don Quixote rout is a little too drastic of a change for my taste. I am content with my life, and a massive change of identity is something that does not interest me. 

I have read to chapter 5.