As I began to think about all I have read about don Quixote I begin to stop and realize more and more, that he is a loser. Every day he goes out on his so called great journeys just to get embarrassed time after time, his partner Sancho is supposed to be his most worthy and trusted person disrespects and insults Quixote on the daily. From the beginning of the book the people that he came across on his journey looked at him as a nobody, just a crazy old man that believed to be something that he is not. While reading this novel I feel bad for Quixote in many occasions, he is just an old man that is trying to make the most out of his boring life. In the previous chapters that I read there were many examples of this.
The first example that I came across was when don Quixote was talking to Dorotha about that he must go journey to her castle to slay the giants. As he says this his companion Sancho quickly objects and shuts the whole idea down. Also, as he says no to Quixote he also tells everyone that he saw Dorotha kissing Ferdinand. Which is an insult to Quixote because in his mind he believes that Dorotha is a princess and if she is doing so then she cannot be a princess. As the audience, this shows that everything that he says is just being out ruled by other characters because they view him as a loser and a nobody.
Another example from the recent chapters read is from chapter forty-six, where the priest convinces the members of the holy brotherhood that Don Quixote is crazy. Once the priest does this he then talks with the barber to devise a plan to capture Quixote and bring him back home. They decide to build a cage and trap him in the cage, they place the cage on the back of an ox pulled wagon and set out to confront Quixote. They then find Quixote trap him and bring him back to his home town, during the journey back the barber pretends to be a mage and tells him that he will be at home and marry dulcinea. The characters treat him like a child tricking him into doing things for them wellbeing instead of his.
Don Quixote is a loser, people make fun of him every day and his does nothing to stop them. Mainly because majority of the time he will end up getting hurt or putting others around him in danger. This character is just a crazed old man that has the imagination of a young child that no one wants to deal with, in my opinion this is sad to read. This is just an old man that wants to be known by everyone around the world for what he strongly believes in, but instead he is treated like a piece of trash that deserves no time of day.