A person has two identities. One of them is the way a person sees himself/herself. The other is how other people see that person. We have partial control over both of these identities, whether we realize it or not. The choices we make decide both our self-identity and the identity that other’s see. While all people will interpret our actions differently, we can control what actions they see and interpret.

In the first part of the novel we learn that Don Quixote is a man living in a small town in Spain called La Mancha. It is understandable that he may have become bored with his current lifestyle, so he allowed himself to be enveloped by the stories of knights in far away lands doing far away things. He allowed this to become his new identity. Everyone closest to him saw this and believed him to be crazy. I, however, believe it’s a noble quest. He is attempting to better himself by chasing after his goal. While he does do some crazy things, such as believing that the windmills are giants he must fight. “‘Those you see over there,’ responded his master, ‘with the long arms–some of them almost two leagues long.’ ‘Look your grace,’ responded Sancho, ‘those things that you see over there aren’t giants–they’re windmills, and what seem to be arms are the sails that rotate the millstone when they’re turned by the wind.'” While this is crazy, it shows his determination to reach his goal.

I believe his identity change is something to look up to. While the literal actions he takes are extreme and not worthy of being repeated, the determination and confidence he shows is most definitely worth admiration. He is willing to fight giants to save his maiden and be known as a great knight. He helps anyone who seems to be in need of it, even if they are really not. His actions are disgraceful, but his character is admirable and desirable. Everyone has their quirks, but Don Quixote’s make him a legend to be revered throughout history. over 400 years later, people are still discussing the tale of his life and what he went through to achieve his goals. Clearly, he is worth discussion and deserves our admiration if his life story has been able to withstand the test of time.

Overall, while some of Don Quixote’s methods are questionable, his character is strong and deserving of our praise. He truly is the Man, the Myth, and the Legend.