As we heard about in the earlier books with Cardenio, he wishes to marry this beautiful girl, but she was taken by his best friend, Fernando. Cardenio left his life behind and now lives in the woods. Fernando already had a woman, Dorotea, and now she is in the state of crippling depression from Fernando’s poor choices along with Cardenio.

Crazy Trust Story

The story of Anselmo and Lothario puzzles me still. Anselmo marries a beautiful woman but thinks it’s too good to be true so he asks his BEST FRIEND to test his wife’s loyalty by trying to seduce her. I have never heard of anything this bizarre before but lets just go with it. Lothario, after basically being asked to, begins an affair with Anselmo’s wife (Camilla) but they don’t tell Anselmo. Lothario suspects she is sleeping with other men besides him and gets jealous, so he decides to tell Anselmo to watch them have an affair from behind the curtains. She knows and plays it off then eventually runs away with Lothario, after realizing what happened, Anselmo dies, Lothario dies in a fight, and Camilla dies of grief for both of them.

The End 

At this moment, Cardenio’s old fiance enters the inn with Fernando. Dorotea then pledges her love for him and he takes her back. Lucinda is now free to go back to Cardenio and all the lovers are happy again.