This volume started off a bit different than the first did. To begin with Cervantes begins the prolog in the 2nd volume with claiming that he doesn’t want to trash talk the guy who tried to rip him off… yet he kind of does. The fact that someone tried to write the second part of Don Quixote, really triggered him. As the book goes on, we start to see some new changes in not just Don Quixote but Sancho as well.

Don Quixote is worn out and isn’t getting any younger. All the adventures he had in the first volume have really affected him. He’s finally home now and everyone thinks his days of running around are over. If only they knew that it was just another beginning. As much as Don Quixote’s niece and housekeeper try to keep him home, his drive for adventures just wont be able to. So as far as the book goes on Don Quixote is not staying anywhere. I didn’t think he would stay at home for very long either.

Sancho on the other hand is changing a little as well. In the first volume he was the squire who did everything Don Quixote said no matter what it was. Then in the beginning of volume 2, he questions Don Quixote of his wages! Something I would’ve never imagined due to his personality in the first volume. However when Sancho fears that his position is in jeopardy because of this nonsense he goes back to being the quiet Sancho and begging Don Quixote to take him back with or without the wages.

All in all I thought these guys were changing when in reality they’re are the same people they were in the first volume. I don’t know why I got the impression of new people because of the new volume but Don Quixote and Sancho aren’t done adventuring, it’s actually a start to a new beginning.