At the end of part one, Don Quixote is tricked into coming home. Now that he’s back home, Don Quixote rests in his bed for a while and talks with the curate and the barber. Everyone thinks they got him and hes there for good this time, but whenever they bring the topic around to knight adventure books, Don Quixote starts to get worked up and argues that the books are all true. But whenever they talk about anything else, Don Quixote seems to be his totally normal self.

During Quixote’s conversations Sancho is trying to force his way into Don Quixote’s house, but Don Quixote’s niece and housekeeper are trying to push him away. After all, they think he’s a bad influence. Sancho says he’s not going anywhere until he gets the island that Don Quixote promised him. Sancho eventually gets to Don Quixote, and Don Quixote tells him that he understands his squire’s frustration. He says he’ll still get his island, and Sancho is sort of satisfied with this answer. This gives another example of how gullible Sancho is.

Sancho later ends up telling his wife that he wants to continue his adventure with Quixote and she is very upset about this. Sancho reminds her how that the last time he left, he came back with a hundred gold pieces. Sancho’s wife doesn’t care about the money but Sancho leaves anyways.


Don Quixote tells his niece and housekeeper that he’s going to head back out into the world. More specifically, he’s thinking about heading to Zaragoza for a fighting tournament. Don Quixote’s niece pleads with him to understand that knight adventure stories are all just made up. But if the Don were going to believe this, he would have by now. Don Quixote insists that he can’t go through life being just like everyone else. He needs to rise above the mediocre pack. Since the women can’t physically force Don Quixote to stay home, he gets ready to leave. At this point, Sancho shows up and he and Don Quixote lock themselves together in a room for a private chat. I felt like the women could’ve tried harder to make sure Quixote didn’t leave because he is a danger to himself and the people around him.