In these last chapters of Don Quixote, we really get to see Sancho as a governor and how he handles that task. From my interpretation of the chapters we read, Sancho does well as a governor but then starts to do not as well. He begins his governorship with great leadership and is though of a great governor by his people. He makes some questionable desicions during his time as governor and eventually, in chapter 55, he decided to leave his post as governor.

A big topic that we talked about in class is the concept of cross dressing. There are many instances throughout the novel where crossdressing is evident. A great example of this come in chapter 49. This is when Sancho comes across a girl dressed as a boy. Her explanation for this was that her father was so strict that he wouldn’t even let her leave the house. She was so curious about what the town looked like that she wore he brothers clothes and created the illusion that she was a man so that she could be able to walk around the town without herself being seen. She even says on page 780, “My misfortune and my misery are simply that I asked my brother to let me dress as a man in some of his clothes, and to take me out one night one night to see the village while our fathers was sleeping; he, besieged by my pleas, agreed, and he gave me those clothes, and dressed himself in some of mine, which suited him as if he had been born to them because he doesn’t have a beard yet and looks exactly like a very beautiful maiden; and tonight, about an hour ago, more or less, we left the house, and guided by our young and foolish thoughts we walked all around the village; when we wanted to return home we saw a great crowd of people coming toward us, and my brother said to me: ‘Sister, this must be the patrol: put wings on your feet and run with me so they won’t recognize us, for that will not be in our favor.’ And saying this, he turned, and I won’t say he began to run, but to fly; before I had taken six steps I fell, I was so frightened, and then the officer of the law came and brought me before your graces, where, because I am wicked and capricious, I find myself shamed before so many people.” In this quote she gives her whole explanation and in my opinion, it is very reasonable for her do this.

To get back to Sancho as a governor, in chapter 51, Sancho shows signs of his lack of  decision making by letting a man go of the principle of it is better to be too lenient than to be too strict. From this scene, I don’t see Sancho as a real ruler but as someone who was just put into that position. The real point when I noticed Sancho was not fit to be governor was in chapter 53 when he resigns as governor. He noticed that being governor was not for him and I respect the decision he made.