Over these next chapters we have found out that the Duke and Duchess enjoying playing a huge elaborate joke on Don Quixote. They use his mind against him by hiring actors to go along with what Don Quixote would see in his mind. The theme of the wealthy having ultimate power and wanting to pick and tease the poor and ill. This is apparent in the time of Cervantes, and he probably wrote this to criticize this.

The Leader We Needed

He also made Sancho the governor of an “island” and because Sancho was a peasant he seemed to have compassion for the people who he ruled. It was because Sancho was the one who had to follow and had the blunt of the laws put upon him when he was creating his own laws and rules.

Role Reversal 

In the beginning of Don Quixote we see Don Quixote making the big decisions and then when things went south Sancho was always the one to help Don Quixote through the situation whether it be picking Don Quixote up after being trampled or just with advice about the situation when Don Quixote was blinded by his imagination. Since Don Quixote and Sancho have slowly started to drift apart their roles for each other have changed. Sancho is now the one making huge decisions and Don Quixote is the one helping Sancho when he fails.