Everyone lives the lifestyle they choose for themselves. Sometimes the choice we make is for the wrong reasons. For Chrysostom, the latter was indeed the case. He chose to leave his cushy lifestyle of wealth and luxury to enter life of a herder for a woman. This woman’s name was Marcela.

She was the Kim Kardashian of her time. Not only did everyone know who she was, but everyone also had something to say about her. She was famous simply for being famous. Men loved her, but she would never love them back. Her life was full of drama with people following her everywhere and spreading the news of her daily activities to the rest of the world. Everyone believes she’s evil because men chase her and fall head over heels for her, but she never reciprocates the feelings. They believe that she is an evil enchantress that makes the men fall in love simply so she can dump them and break their hearts. She even has literature and songs written about her heartbreaks.

If you believe her point of view, she’s just a humble, normal woman trying to live her life to the fullest. She is a tough, independent woman who doesn’t need to love a man back to fulfill her life. She believes that by doing the things that she wants, the right man will come to her and stay for longer than 72 days. Perhaps they will even name their child el Norte or el Santo.

Marcela claims to hate the male suitors that constantly follow her and record her daily life, but she thrives off of it. She enjoys the attention the men give her, even if she claims to hate it. She’s simply playing hard to get. She has money, which means that she doesn’t need to be living a life of poverty and labor. She chose this life simply for the attention of the poor shepherds that she knew she could lead on.