Same old Quixote

In chapter 25, Don Quixote sees a puppet show performed by “Master Pedro” who we later find out is a chain-gang prisoner who is just disguising himself as a puppet master. Either way, during Master Pedros puppet storytelling, Don Quixote feelings threatened/ in danger so he proceeds to smash all of the puppets and then blame it on himself being enchanted. In part two of the novel, Don Quixote had been making steady strides to be a new knight/ a better person. This instance however sadly showed Don Quixote reverting back to his old ways because while he did pay Master Pedro back for the puppets, he still blamed other people for his own actions. An quote from this scene would be when Don Quixote says “Stop. you ill bred rabble. Stay and pursue no more! If you do your in battle with me” (704).

Sancho gets beaten with Quixote….again

After the incident with the Master Pedro, Don Quixote and Sancho leave the inn and live by themselves on the streets for a couple days before they come across a village of people that claim they are going to attack another village of people. Don Quixote recites his reasons that they should not fight, and he lists four of them. The people of the village however dont care for what Quixote has to say and they beat him and Sancho both very badly. This brings me to my question.

Why is Sancho still taking beating for Quixote?!

Like in part one, it seems like the majority of the time, Sancho Panza gets beaten just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Generally it is when he is around Don Quixote. While he may not be the brightest apple in the bunch, Sancho has a better sense of logic than Don Quixote which is why he should’ve stopped him from approaching a group of angry villagers who wanted war.