Deceiving the Don

In these chapters, the priest creates a evil scheme to lure Don Quixote back home. The barber also agrees to the plan and soon enough they convince a crowd of people to join them in the scheme. The barber who is a very prideful individual even goes to say that he “…indeed thought it was so good that they resolved to put it into effect immediately.” (234). Additionally Dorothea makes up a story about a giant that she wants Don Quixote to slay but he disagrees. This is when Sancho Panza gets angry at Don Quixote for not fulfilling her request an they get into a argument that eventually ends in Don Quixote beating Sancho.

Crack in the Friendship

Continuing from what I said earlier, Don Quixote and Sancho have been getting into more arguments where is seems like Don Quixote always comes out on top because he is technically Sancho’s “master.” My biggest question is why Sancho puts up with this abuse and still stays beyond faithful and always rushed to Don Quixote’s side when he is hurt even thought he beats him and treats him with disrespect so often. My prediction from the story that the man at the inn told, is that Don Quixote and Sancho will get in a argument.

Over What?

In the monologue that we were told at the inn, the two friends ended up dying because one friend asked another to try and sleep with his wife to see if she was faithful. I wonder if this is Cervantes way of foreshadowing that shady things are going to happen once Sancho and Don Quixote return to the village.