At this point in the novel, people are confused by Don Quixote. It is pretty clear that he is a madman because of all of the running around and acting like a knight, but people are really unclear about whether or not they should be afraid of him or not. While some people are afraid, others are just simply entertained by this man. By this point, townspeople are seeing that Don Quixote can be dangerous and fight you if he gets angry or if he interprets something as something that it isn’t. They also see however that Don Quixote is a nice, friendly guy. I think that this could be another reason that people can get confused by him; he sometimes seems like he has more than one personality.

During these chapters is when the whole idea of the island first comes up. Don Quixote promises Sancho an island and Sancho takes this to heart. Never would any reader have thought that Sancho’s with would actually come true, but I guess anything is possible right?

One topic that came up in class is the question of whether or not the beautiful Marcela is cruel for not loving anybody back when they love her. Marcela has made men die in the past because they having this crazy love for this woman and she doesn’t love them back so they kill themselves. She is looked down on by some of the townspeople for this because they claim that she is leading these men on. I personally do not think she is at fault for this because it is not up to her who she loves and who she doesn’t.